Note:  Concerning Concord Management Limited, there are serious issues about the return of initial security deposits and it seems that this firm and its various properties go out of their way to collect large fees and deposits which they often consider to be 'non-refundable' and applicants never get back. Anyone considering leasing any of the various Concord Management properties without first having everything in writing and every fee itemized and initial should have their heads examined.
Central Florida Apartment Seekers: Beware of Concord Management Properties' Bait & Switch on the Elderly
PLEASE NOTE: Concord Management Limited removed their posting of this video. But this disabled American veteran who they have discriminated against anticipated their move and saved a copy. 

The pictures seen on this video are not that of the Uptown Maitland Apartments, especially those of the clubhouse, elevator and the computer room which was never built. That space has since then been leased out for commercial use to a Spanish newspaper agency. The developers and Concord Management did not keep their promises but benefited greatly from millions of dollars in tax breaks. But the true fraud and elder abuse can be seen in Concord Management Limited's "Bait & Switch," hidden fees after they get unsuspecting seniors to sign a lease. Below are most of the fees:

1) Fee for parking space: $50 per month.
2) Fee for pets: $400 security deposit and $50 per month. 
3) Fee for the washer and dryer: $50$30 per month if you bring your own.
4) Limited Cable TV: $65 included in your rent; addition channels you call the cable company and pay extra. Direct TV or satellite dishes not allowed in most places
5) AUM Water/Sewer Bill: Always claiming billing errors to get more of your $$$; AUM is own by Comcord Management; ripoff!
6) Storage Space often $30 to $100 per month at most properties.
7) Switching to another unit upon lease renewal: There is a $ignificant fee for downsizing to a smaller unit. Example from a three-bedroom to a two-bedroom.

All these fees on top of your rent. This is how Concord Management personnel are ripping off their tenants especially the elderly in beautiful and wealthy maitland, Florida!

Ms. Debbie Gentry, Vice President of Concord Management Ltd., Files Complaint with Website Host Provider Over Contents of Website

From: Web.com Abuse Support - Abuse Escalations <abuse@web.com>
Date: Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 2:06 AM
Subject: FW: Website Violation [tkt:4617096]
To: ezellharrisjr@gmail.com


Web.com has received the complaint below regarding website activities associated with your domain name <<avoidconcordproperties.com>>

Please take a moment to review the complaint below and respond directly to the Complainant to address any issues to resolve the complaint. 

Thank you,

Fraud and Abuse Agent


12808 Gran Bay Parkway, West  |  Jacksonville, FL 32258

Office: (404) 260-2594  | FAX: (904) 527-7584

From: Ezell Harris <ezellharrisjr@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 10:07 AM
Subject: Re: MUST READ: An Open Letter to Scott Culp, Atlantic Housing Partners LLP
To: abuse@web.com, debbie.gentry@concordrents.com, information@elderaffairs.org, rick.scott@myflorida.com, pam.bondi@myfloridalegal.com, Cafe Recerts <CafeRecerts@concordrents.com>, Uptown Maitland <leasing@uptownmaitland.com>, Scott Culp <s.culp@atlantichousing.com>, "Oleaga, Lisa" <Lisa.Oleaga@concordrents.com>

Dear Web.com Rep:

Most respectfully, if Concord Management believes that I am in violation of the law then I advise them to take me to court.

This disabled American veteran will not be intimidated by individuals who I feel have been guilty of elderly abuse as I have laid out in my website: www.avoidconcordproperties.com.

Furthermore, it is my U.S. Constitutional right to express how I feel about a matter so as long as I do not break any laws. And since I a tenant here at Uptown Maitland Apartments under a lease contract, most assuredly I can prove my allegations. But please do not take my word alone, go and research hundreds of BBB complaints concerning Concord Management Limited and AUM, American Utility Management, and you will be informed that hundreds of individuals (victims) feel the same way that I do.

And it should be noted that Concord Management Limited and AUM are not BBB accredited. That speaks volumes.

Concerning Ms. Gentry's request I am appalled but not surprised at her response or any other future responses to my critical website.

On April 30, 2015 I met with Ms. Gentry and Mr. Michael Brett Durham on what was suppose to be the signing of a new lease. But I anticipated their action which I believe was an act of discrimination in housing. Upon being informed that my lease would not be renewed, I asked why not since no residents have ever complained about me nor have I ever been late on my rent. Ms. Gentry kindly told me that Concord Management did not have to give me, a black disabled American veteran, a reason for non-renewal. And one was not given!

So this became the genesis of my website: www.avoidconcordproperties.com. And let it be known that I have not only legitimately criticized Concord Management, but I have also taken the most popular attorney in Central Florida, John B. Morgan, Esq., to task for his law firm attempt to cover up the real cause of the suicide of 14-year-old Lamar Hawkins III. You will find an Open Letter to John B. Morgan at www.ocpsteacher.com.

Now if attorney John B. Morgan has not gone after me, do you really believe that I am concern about the false allegations of the peons down at Concord Management who in my opinion do the bidding for Scott Culp?
I will address Ms. Gentry's concerns:

1) “to copy material from third parties without proper authorization”“to utilize the Services in connection with any tortious or actionable activity”, “users may not utilize the Services to publish or disseminate information that (A) constitutes slander, libel or defamation, (B) publicizes personal information or likeness of a person without that person’s consent or (C) otherwise violates the privacy rights of any person.” 

Ms. Gentry copy material was posted on YOUTUBE and thus is open to the public. Furthermore, at minimum, there were no disclaimers and no authorization is needed especially for a non-commercial purpose. On item A: The material has not been determine slander, libel or defamation by the courts, or as Ms. Gentry says, "tortious or actionable activity"; Item B: I did not need permission to publicizes anything that is already out there in the general public as all one has to do is Google a name. Item C: There is no violation of privacy rights here with Concord Management Team Members photos and position with the company that is out in the general public domain and accurately reflects their job titles. 

Concerning with Ms. Gentry's complaint:

 It (www.avoidconcordproperties.com) also contains the following inaccurate information about Concord Management:

  • There is no Bait & Switch.  All charges are listed on the lease and outlined on an addendum that residents sign prior to move in. 
  •  AUM is not owned by Concord Management or its affiliates
  • A fee is not charged to transfer to another apartment at lease expiration
  • Residents are informed in advance of the service dates for pest control and the apartments are not set up on a master key

Again, this is my U.S. Constitutional right to express myself what I interpret is the questionable actions of Concord Management. It is unprofessional for Ms. Gentry to try and explain to representatives of web.com what their practices are. Most respectfully, that is not your business or concern.

In conclusion, this email response to the Ms. Gentry's complaint advises Ms. Gentry and Concord Management that if they do not like the contents of this disabled American veteran's website, take me to court with the money you have taken from our senior citizens who for the most part live on a fixed income.

I rest my case. Bring 'em on baby!!!

Ezell Harris, Director
Floridians Monitoring Law Enforcement (FMLE)
Cell phone: 407.371.7363

P.S. "If I can't earn your respect, then I will settle for your fear."-----Ezell Harris, 2000

Ms. Debbie Gentry: You Can't Handle the Truth!


March 4, 2015 - Concord offers an affordable comunities, varieties, amenities and much more. They really get all your attention to get your money. What they don't tell you is all the ridiculous and hidden fee's they add thru your yearly contracts. Most communities charge you $15 parking space even though their are assigned; they're always occupied by visitors. $50. Pet fee +$400 pet deposit although your paying so much money, they looking for minimal pet hair to avoid returning you pet deposit. $2.00 rent online payment processing fee because they refuse to take cash or check at the leasing office. Better yet you can pay at Walmart, Check cashing place of course you avoid Concord rent fee but you have to pay a fee to those locations. If you contact the leasing office THEY never pick up the phone because only one employee working at all times and office always busy because unsatisfied customers. Lastly your rent keeps going up due to cost of living. If you rent be aware that whatever amount they tell you on your contract it's going go up. - See more at: http://www.bbb.org/central-florida/business-reviews/property-management/concord-management-ltd-in-maitland-fl-10001152/customer-reviews#sthash.sMHPGdU3.dpuf

NOTE: This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business. This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
Central Florida Apartment Seekers: Some of the Units at Concord Management Limited's Uptown Maitland Apartments have a Problem with Cockroaches and Biting Fruit Flies
Image result for cockroaches animations Image result for cockroaches animations
Concord Management Uses Massey Services Inc. for their Monthly Pest Control and for the Reporting of Dirty Apartments
Concord Management does use Massey Services Inc. for pest control. But they only exterminate once a month. And if you are not home on extermination day, they are given a master key to go into all the apartments that they are servicing. It is reported that another part of Massey's pest control is to report to Concord Management dirty apartments and if food is left out. Personally, I do not like the idea of individuals coming into my apartment without my permission when I am not there.

Drain flies could indicate a bigger problem

If you have been noticing tiny drain flies around any of your sinks in your apartment home, it might be time to inform those folks Concord Management for a plumbing inspection. These flies carry disease that may be able to be passed to humans. They can also intensify bronchial asthma.

Most of the time, these flies are due to a build up of nasty residue in your sink or shower drain. This becomes a breeding ground for them. Usually, they can be cleared up by using a drain enzyme to clean the drain and placing a cup of cider vinegar mixed with dish soap on the counter to collect the ones in the room. The flies will be drawn to the cup of vinegar. It may take a few days, but should clear them all up.

If this method does not clear them up, then the complex may have a broken sewer line. The Uptown Maitland Apartment complex is situation next to a pond.

Now if I recall correctly a conversation I had months ago with Mr. Michael Brett Durham, Assistant Community Director, he did mention something about the Uptown Maitland Apartment complex being build on stilts which added significantly to cost of construction. I guess this is suppose to stabilize the structure from sinking.

Who knows what hidden problems this building may currently have or will face in the future.

But for now, if you do contact Concord Management's maintenance for a problem with your drain, shower, or toilet, make sure you document everything. And be as specific as you can in requesting that they inspect for breaks and cracks to the entry point of the drain flies, and ask if they have determine where the breeding ground of these flies is located. 

Recent Flooding of Tenants Apartments on Floors 3, 4, and 5 at the Uptown Maitland Apartments Senior-Living Complex
A firefighter inspects the damage and potential fire risk on the 5th floor because rain water got into the control panel of at least one of the units.

After a recent heavy rainfall the poor quality of the quick construction of the Uptown Maitland Apartments Senior-Living complex truly manifested itself in the collapse of part of the 5th floor ceiling near units 504 and 505.

It was reported by the leasing office that a pipe in the roof malfunctioned which sent hundreds of gallons of rain water down through the ceiling and walls to nearly a dozen apartments from the 5th floor down to the 3rd floor.

And to think that this water damage could have been prevented or at least contained if owner Scott Culp of Atlantic Housing Partners LLP and Concord Management Limited weren’t too damn cheap to chalk and seal the 4th and 5th floors like what was done for the 3rd floor where the clubhouse and exercising room are located.

In the Resident/Management Meeting of May 6, 2015, tenants were given a program which stated Scott Culp and Concord Management’s position on sealing the hall floors. Under the following item it stated:

10. Community improvement update: Sealing Hall Floors - Denied

So the position of the owner and management is very clear; they do not given a damn about the concerns of the senior tenants or future tenants for that matter. This disrespectful attitude of Concord Management has prompted several tenants to get renter's insurance, creating another cost to senior citizens who are on a fixed income.

It should be noted that a 80-year-old tenant upon returning home to find her apartment home partially flooded had a panic attack and was hospitalized for a nearly a week. Other tenants have had their lives disrupted by this flood that seeped down from the roof to the 3rd floor. In a couple of the units the walls have to be torn open and a humidifier placed in the units and the hallways to dried out the water damaged.

Now ask yourself this question: Is Uptown Maitland Apartments truly a place where I want to live?